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Here you will find information and resources to guide you through the Wisconsin Project Lead The Way program. See the opportunities PLTW delivers to a growing number of young men and women exploring the Engineering and Biomedical Sciences classes that lead to exciting new careers. A pathway to the future!

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Pathway to Engineering

High School Engineering Program

Gateway to Technology

Middle School Engineering Program

Biomedical Sciences

Biomedical Sciences Program


Learn how scientists and engineers use scientific principles to create the amazing products you use and see every day. You will perform experiments and see for yourself the practical applications of science. You may also earn college credits for some of your classes.

Faculty and Staff

Learn how your school can become a part of PLTW. We offer courses to assist you in providing hands –on experiences for future engineers and scientists in your classes. Funding is available.


Learn the value of encouraging your child to explore the fields of science and engineering. Teens are curious, active and like to experiment, but without early exposure might miss the opportunities for careers in these fields.

2014 Summer Core Training Schedules
The schedule for this summer's Core Institute Training is now available! Registration is now open on PLTW-National.

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17-Mar-2014 - Students show off work for Project Lead The Way at the Capitol
More than 50 Wisconsin middle school and high school students filled the Capitol Rotunda on Friday.

06-Mar-2014 - DPI announces STEM Grants
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction announces $250,000 for PK-12 STEM grants

17-Feb-2014 - A Push To Boost Computer Science Learning, Even At An Early Age
A handful of nonprofit and for-profit groups are working to address what they see as a national education crisis: Too few of America's K-12 public schools actually teach computer science basics and fewer still offer it for credit.

17-Feb-2014 - William Horlick High School earned 12 medals in leadership and technical skills events.
Thirty-six William Horlick High School students participated in various events, bringing home 12 medals.

16-Dec-2013 - Looking to Lead the Way - from The Freeman
Professional Development Conference helps teachers improve project-based learning

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