PLTW's General Resources


Tai, Robert H. (2012). An Examination of Research Literature on PLTW. University of Virginia. Publication by PLTW. Link
Van Overschelde, James P. (Spring 2013) Project Lead The Way Students More Prepared For Higher Education. Texas State University. American Journal of Engineering Education, 4(1). Link
Fact Sheet Survey Highlights. Link

PLTW's Impact

Wisconsin STEM Navigators to the future Link
Design Guide 2015 Link


PLTW's State Conference Resources

Annotated Innovation Portal Introduction** Link
2015 PLTW State Conference Part 1** Link
2015 PLTW State Conference Part 2** Link
2015 PLTW State Conference Part 3** Link
2015 PLTW State Conference Part 4** Link


PLTW's Counselor and Administrator Conference Resources

November 19th Counselor and Administrator Conference PowerPoint** Link

Additional Resources

PLTW WI Computer Science Session 2015** Link


Technical Drawing Presentations

Technical Drawing Presentation Introduction Link
Drawing Warmup Link
Creating Shapes Link
Iso Box to Curve Link
Drawing the Curve Link



** = Password Required to Access Document



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