Core Training Institute

It is finally summer and our Core Training Institute (CTI) is just around the corner!  


For those who are unfamiliar with MSOE's campus, please take the time to review the pictures below.  The pictures represent the different buildings/places that you may have to go to for a class or meeting.

Campus Map

For a clear campus map, please click here: MSOE Campus Map

Student Life and Campus Center

In the Student Life and Campus Center, you will find the Todd Wehr Auditorium and Conference Center located at the front of the building where it curves around the corner.  In addition, the Skylight Cafe and the Sky Riser are located on the 3rd floor.  Multiple classes will be held on the Ground and 2nd floor.


Allen-Bradley Hall of Science 

In the Allen-Bradley Hall of Science, you will find multiple classrooms and labs.  A few classes will be held in this building.

Fred Loock Engineering Center

Attached to the Allen-Bradley Hall of Science is the Fred Loock Engineering Center.  Just like the Science building, a few classes will be held here.

Walter Schroeder Library

In the Walter Schroeder Library, you will find both classrooms (1st and 3rd floor) and an actual library (2nd floor)

Kern Center

The Kern Center consists of two gyms and a wonderful workout facility.  

Viets Field

At Viets Field, you will find a beautiful turf field on top of the structure and a parking garage underneath it.  Depending on your class, you may have access to this parking garage.

Broadway Parking Lot

The majority of people will be parking here at Broadway Lot.  The Broadway Lot is just located across the street from the Student Life and Campus Center.

MSOE Towers

The Towers is technically a residence hall, however, they are apartments that students can rent.  On the 4th floor, there are some meeting rooms where the Launch classes will be held at.




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