WASB Convention


  Again next year, Project Lead the Way will be looking for PLTW Schools to represent PLTW     at the 2017 Wisconsin Association of School Boards Conference in Milwaukee on January     18-20, 2017.


  If your school district is interested in submitting a proposal to present, proposals are due       on June 24, 2016. Information can be found at:



  If your district would like to be a part of the school fair, proposals are due on June 24,             2016. Information can be found at:



  School district nominations to be a part of the PLTW booth should be submitted to    Chaning Ogden and Greg Quam, at: STEM@msoe.edu and gquam@pltw.org on or before    June 24, 2106. If you have any questions, please contact Greg Quam, WI Director of School   Engagement.


If you are interested, please fill out the following forms:

Form for Proposals

    Form for School Fair

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