Certification Process

Part 1 – Self-Assessment

  • Go to https://www.pltw.org/
    • In the menu bar, select Register Now
    • In the left menu column, select Program Quality
    • Scroll down to Complete Self-Assessment
  • Note

Part 2 – Schedule a Site Visit

  • Call the Wisconsin PLTW Office – (414) 277-7357 or (414) 277-7214
  • Set up an agenda for the Certification Team
  • It is optimal to have
    • a few minutes to get settled upon arrival
    • a person who escorts us from place to place and keeps us on time
    • as many of the key stakeholders present at an out brief at the end of the day to hear the findings of the Certification Team
  • The team will meet with the following stakeholders
    • Administrators – about 30 minutes
    • School Counselors – about 30 minutes
    • Several Members of the Partnership Team – about 30 minutes
    • Parent Representatives – about 30 minutes
    • Classrooms – about 1-2 hours (one section of each class offered as it fits schedule)
      • Opportunity to interview students
      • Opportunity to review portfolios
      • Opportunity to review engineering and scientific notebooks

Part 3 – Documentation

  • The School receives an official letter from PLTW Nation stating that they are a Certified Program
  • The School receives a banner(s) for each Pathway certified
  • The School receives a press release form


Metrics for Certification

A checklist of accomplishments as you measure the success of your PLTW Implementation:



  • Strongly endorse PLTW curriculum
  • Understand the import of PLTW in STEM skill development

Classrooms are

  • Aesthetically inviting
  • Equipped with equipment as found in the Purchasing Manual
  • Spacious allowing for collaborative group work


  • Have attended a Counselor Conference within the past three years
  • Strongly endorse PLTW curriculum
  • Have knowledge of PTLW courses and the import of the recommended implementation
  • Understand the import of PLTW
  • PLTW courses identified as PLTW courses on all student transcripts

Established PLTW Gateway– Middle School program to insure filling of the PTE/BMS/CS pipeline(s)


Established PLTW Launch – K-5 Elementary School Program



  • Are more than aware of the program
  • Understand the impact PLTW has on their student(s)
  • Report a remarkable difference in their student's in regard to level of engagement

Partnership Team

  • Is actively engaged in the PLTW curriculum
  • Is actively engaged with PLTW teachers and Students
  • Meets regularly with all stakeholders


  • Are actively engaged in the curriculumDemonstrate collaborative, critical thinking, and creative problem solving skills
  • Have well developed notebooks that reflect the import of record keeping
  • Have portfolios that reflect best works and are indicative of garnering employer and/or admissions counselor attention


  • Are delivering the most current curriculum and using the latest software
  • Are not the only trained teacher in the offered PLTW courses in event of teacher attrition
  • Are supported by all the stakeholders
  • Are versed in the pedagogical strategies to deliver PLTW curriculum
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