Project Lead The Way College Credit Options for High School Students
Midwestern States Fall/Winter 2014-15

(Please note that national PLTW continually gathers more updated Affiliate University and higher education institution policies and practices regarding potential college credit or admissions/selection criteria. Note also that while many Affiliate Universities and other higher education institutions require that students come from Certified schools and/or to score certain percentages on the End of Course Assessments, each institution is autonomous and sets it own guidelines. A few provide transcript credit for a fee; others provide credit to students enrolling at their institution only; some require a series of courses or portfolios or other requirements. Some institutions recognize PLTW courses as meeting some required degree course guidelines; many recognize as general elective credit. Trends in post-secondary credit for PLTW are constantly evolving. Being sure that clear names of PLTW course titles with PLTW reference on student transcripts is recommended for all PLTW high schools to alert post-secondary institutions to the students' PLTW experiences, since there is growing awareness of the rigorous HS PLTW curriculum as good college and career readiness.)

Visit for ongoing updates regarding higher education partnerships.



Affiliate University ---Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE)

MSOE offers transcripted credit for IED, POE, DE, CIM, CEA, AE, BE, CSE, PBS, HBS, and MI. To be eligible for credit the student must attend a Wisconsin Certified PLTW school, earned a B in the course, a score of 7 or higher on the End-of-Course exam, and payment of an application fee of $65 per course. For more information see

A $3000.00 renewable scholarship is available at MSOE for students having successfully completed PLTW high school course work. For more information on MSOE admission see


Some Wisconsin post-secondary institutions including technical schools, two year and four year colleges offer dual credit, advanced standing and course substitution for some PLTW courses taken in high school. For more information go to the individual institution's web site or contact their admissions department.



Illinois Affiliate University—University of Illinois

Secondary school students are encouraged to indicate PLTW course history on admissions application materials and to consult with advisors at the University of Illinois (UIC and UIUC) Colleges of Engineering regarding their experiences. Visit the two Colleges of Engineering websites at and

-Some Illinois community colleges offer dual high school/community college credit for some PTLW courses taught on their campuses.


-Northern Illinois University College of Engineering and Engineering Technology offers up to 7 hours of credit to students who have successfully completed various PLTW courses in the PLTW pre-engineering curriculum with at least a "B" in each course. For further information, see or contact the Associate Dean's office at 815-753-9961.


-Bradley University offers $1,000 annual scholarships to students who have completed a PLTW course prior acceptance to and enrollment in a Bradley engineering program. For further information see


-Illinois State University offers proficiency credit for successful completion of IED and POE by students from PLTW certified schools who apply to, are accepted, and enroll in ISU's Department of Technology programs in Construction Management, Graphic Communication, Industrial Computer Systems, Foundations of Power Technology, Renewable Energy, or Technology Education.



Indiana Affiliate University--Purdue University

PLTW students may receive a maximum of 12 credit hours in the Departments of Building Construction Management, Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology, and Technology Leadership and Innovation as either technical electives or general electives. Students entering Purdue must be from certified schools, earn B or higher in courses taught by a licensed engineering/technology education teacher, and submit a portfolio. See


Indiana University-Purdue University- Indianapolis (IUPUI)

IUPUI offers credit for PLTW Biomedical courses to students who score a stanine of 6 or higher and who enroll at IUPUI. For further details visit



University of Iowa

University of Iowa offers transcripted credit for the PLTW Engineering courses IED, POE, DE, BioE, CEA, CIM, CSE, and AE. To be eligible for credit the student must achieve a stanine score of 6 or higher on EoC exams and by paying tuition of $150 per 3 semester hour course. For details see


Iowa State University

Iowa State University accepts transferred PLTW credit from universities or from earned community college (EGR) credits which are evaluated for technical elective credit. For further information see links from



University of Kentucky

Incoming University of Kentucky Engineering freshman students from certified PLTW high schools may earn free elective credit for PLTW courses completed with a B average and scoring in the 6th stanine on PLTW End of Course exam. More details about U of Kentucky and other Kentucky community college and university dual credit arrangements are found at



University of Science and Technology (formerly University of Missouri-Rolla)

Students from certified high schools who successfully complete the first two PLTW Engineering courses (IED and POE) with a B (80%) average and a score of 6 on PLTW End of Course exams may apply for three credit hours at MST; tuition is charged. These three credit hours are for an IDE 20 class at MST required for all MST engineering freshmen. Note also that MST offers credit for PLTW Biomedical Sciences course completion. See



Sinclair Community College

Several Ohio colleges and universities are involved in some articulated PLTW credit options. See details at


Links to other selected PLTW credit opportunities:

Duke University

Secondary school students are encouraged to include PLTW courses on admission application materials to the Pratt School. Transcript credit submitted by other institutions will be reviewed on an individual basis; however PLTW courses are not applicable to the Pratt School Engineering degree course requirements at this time.

Rochester Institute of Technology


Offers transcripted credit in technology for IED, CIM, POE, DE, CEA by earning a stanine score of 6 or higher on EoC exams and by paying tuition. For details see

Stevenson University

Students who complete all four PLTW Biomedical Sciences courses at a certified school, earn 3.0 GPA in those courses, and earn of score of 7 or higher on End of Course exams may qualify for credit. For details see

University of Maryland at Baltimore County

Secondary students may receive college credit by completing EDD and four other PLTW courses, providing a portfolio, meeting enrollment requirements, and paying tuition. Details see

University of South Carolina

Credit for some courses is provided with proper application and tuition payment.

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